About Us

Churcher's College is an independent day school for girls and boys offering Nursery, Junior, Senior and Sixth Form education. The school is hosted on two campus sites in Hampshire enabling the Junior School and Nursery pupils to flourish in their own beautiful grounds in Liphook, whilst maintaining close links to the Senior School and Sixth Form located in nearby Petersfield.

We seek to give the widest range of experiences and also the opportunity to excel. Children at Churcher’s College thrive in an atmosphere of high expectation but even higher achievement in a happy, well-disciplined and caring environment. By developing the full academic, creative and sporting talents of the girls and boys, within the context of social awareness, our aim is to fully prepare them for all they will face in the dynamic and challenging world in which we live.

The College was founded under the will of Richard Churcher in 1722, a wealthy local businessman and philanthropist. Churcher decreed in his will that a College be established in the Borough of Petersfield to educate ten or twelve local boys of any age from nine to fourteen in the arts of writing, arithmetic and navigation, so they could be apprenticed to masters of ships. Churcher’s College was established as a non-denominational foundation under the terms of Richard Churcher’s will and has remained so ever since.

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